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The ITCS SeaPort-e Team is just that, a Team. A team of the brightest,
well sought after talent in the industry. ITCS recognizes this talent and employs these skills throughout all awarded tasks as requirements dictate.
Computer Sciences Corporation | APR Consulting | Infinity Support Services
Model Driven Solutions | Eaton Corporation | Tecolote Research, Inc. | NIS Solutions
The Clark Group, LLC | CDW Government Inc. | RIVA Networks Inc. | JCMeyer Solutions Professional Analysis
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The ITCS SeaPort-e Team consists of experienced and resourceful team members that have each spent decades bringing skilled talent to bear. Whether as IT, Management, Customer Service, Finance, or civilian Marine Corps professionals, members of the ITCS team have always met the demanding mission requirements of their customers. The ITCS team believes there is no greater mission than the mission supporting the Warfighter.
ITCS Teaming Opportunities
The first goal of all ITCS SeaPort and other DoD initiatives is to provide the best value to the government in support of the Warfighter. This is accomplished by partnering with companies that represent the same level of dedication to customer service, quality, and value.
To become part of the ITCS partner program please send us an email with your capability statement to We currently are teamed with dozens of companies in a wide variety of DoD initiatives.